Yesterday, Tomorrow….


Today I feel empty, like there’s no life left in me

Today I feel hurt, & my mind is going berserk

Today I realized that I am broken and wish I wasn’t awoken

Today I am aware that I have never experienced true happiness because the thoughts of all that has happened

Today I accept that even though I seem to have it all, I’ll trade it to go back to that little girl with the corduroy overalls.

Today I am aware that I was violated, & it turned me black-hearted

Today I realize that I have been the problem, and maybe I’m the reason I am so black-hearted.

Today I know that I can not erase my past, & I’m a fatherless girl craving & yearning for a dad.

Today I realized that until I heal, I can never fully live.

Today I accept that even when I give it my all, I still may fail.

Today I know that these feelings are temporary, & it can all be better in February.

Today is almost over, & tomorrow I get a do over.

Tomorrow I will fill those empty spaces with smiling faces

Tomorrow I will release the hurt, & make sure I am doing the work!

Tomorrow I will put the pieces back together and enjoy some beautiful weather.

Tomorrow I will experience happiness & happy thoughts!

Tomorrow I will accept my flaws, and know I was not the cause of it all!

Tomorrow I will pray for my violators, and not allow them to affect the good that will happen for me later.

Tomorrow I will accept that I have lost my father, but I gained a daughter!

Tomorrow I will not blame myself for all the pain & accept that I have so much more to gain.

Tomorrow I’ll understand what’s temporary will not affect my February.

Tomorrow I’ll do better than I did yesterday, & yesterday will be just another day!

-Antoinette “Toni” Murray