Quarantine Will Not Win!

Lately I have been pushing through the days, and by 8pm at night I am so proud of myself because I am not sure how I made it to the end of the day. Between my husband contracting Covid for the second time since August, my children being sick, & me just feeling completely exhausted. It has been a day to day struggle staying in good spirits. I have been through worse times so I like to tell myself the following mantra โ€œI can do all things through Christ who STRENTHENS meโ€! Although I am not a religious person, I am a spiritual person & I believe that there is a source of energy that wakes me up every morning and gets me through the days.

Getting through โ€œCovid timesโ€, the election, & just everyday life can be so draining. I am writing to be open & honest on how I am making it through this quarantine. First and foremost, when you have a whole entire house to feed, direct, & care for it can be very chaotic. Being prior military, I am borderline OCD, and I like to have our house in a certain order. What has helped me the most the last 8 months is going with the flow. I realized that my house will not always stay clean, I may not cook a full meal every day, I may sleep in some days, but at least we all survived and lived another day ๐Ÿคฃ! As a fulltime mom that spends most of my time in the home it is important to not focus on perfectionism. There is no way I can be PERFCET! Our home has been more relaxed during quarantine than ever before, I have just been rolling with what happens. ย 

Besides kicking perfectionism out the door, I have been making an effort to take time for myself every day and not feeling guilty about it. You can never care for others before you care for yourself. If you apply oxygen to those around you before yourself, then you will be the reason for your own demise. I wake up before the kids on most days, and I exercise for 45mins-1 hour. Once I finish exercising, I usually just meditate. I meditate on my day, and I thank my higher source, and it helps me get energized and ready to deal with three children saying โ€œMommy, mommy, mommyโ€, every 5 minutes. Caring for myself first has helped me on the hardest day. It may sound silly, but we have a huge walk in closet, and there are some nights I just close the closet door and sit in silence in the dark. I hide in my closet often to take a breather. I recommend at least 1 hour to yourself each day, especially if you have small children.

Sitting in silence is the best therapy!

I have also been expanding my horizons in the kitchen! Which is hilarious because the kitchen has never been my favorite place until quarantine. I enjoy trying new recipes & seeing what I am good at cooking. I have learned that soups are the best go to meals because they last a few days. The crockpot is also my new best friend, and quick 30-minute meals have been my go-to. A few days ago, I cooked a ground turkey soup full of veggies and we loved it. The soup was thrown out today with only a corner left. Cooking has been like therapy & a school project all in one! ๐Ÿคฃ Quarantine has shown me so many new things about myself & it has helped me get through adversity better than I ever thought I could.

Turkey Veggie Soup ๐Ÿ˜‹

Along with cooking, I have been doing yoga! Yoga is incredibly challenging and although I have done it in the past, doing it now serves a different purpose. I have been doing yoga to ground myself because there are days I am frustrated, and I have little to no patience. There are days where I wish I were all alone & no one was around me, and there are days where I simply do not understand why I am even here. On those daysโ€™ yoga has been haven. I never knew how healing yoga was until quarantine started.

To sum it all up, I have not been allowing quarantine to WIN! I have learned new things about myself, I have grown spiritually, physically, & emotionally stronger than before, I am more active than before, and although everything is not always perfectโ€ฆ. I am surviving! I want all reading this to know that there will be bad moments… but do not allow that bad moment to turn into a bad day.

Take time to mediate, workout, cook, write, read, or anything that brings you peace.