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I had to say Hi three times because I feel as if I abandoned you all. I have not blogged since September 22nd, and if you are a true follower of The Pearl Blog & also follow my Instagram page healingandgrowing_ and Facebook Page @healingandgrowing then you are aware of all the challenges that I have experienced the last 2 ½ months. Although a lot has transpired spiritually, physically, mentally, and definitely emotionally. The Pearl Blog is still my passion & I will start back with my weekly blog post next week.  The purpose of The Pearl Blog remains the same. I am here to be vulnerable about my journey with healing through life and trauma. If you are reading this and have not subscribed, please take the time to SUBSCRIBE NOW! Once you have subscribed you can receive regular updates, also if there are any topics you would like me to speak on, use the contact button and message me. I do check my email regularly and would love to hear from you all. Since this platform is where I originally started I also want to give you all a heads up on my upcoming plans. I am working on new positive mindset merchandise, and I will be actively running a healing & growing group. The group will start on November 11th . I will be posting more details about the group, but you can start by joining the healing and growing group —here! This is just an update! As you all know or may not know birthing a child is life-changing and it is literally like a rebirth for the mother and sometimes the mothers does not even recognize themselves anymore. I am going through a re-birth and I am relearning myself, giving myself love, encouraging myself, practicing self-care, attending therapy, committing to myself and my family, and also ensuring that I do what I love most in the process. The Pearl Blog gives me reasons to keep growing and to keep healing! I enjoy being vulnerable and sharing my personal experiences with you all. I will be posting every Thursday, come back and check out The Pearl Blog next week! 

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