Know your worth & be unapologetically you!

Know your worth & be unapologetically you!

There was a point in my life when I was not aware of my worth. I was unaware that I was the prize and that it was a privilege for anyone to have me a part of their lives. Imagine being co-dependent and walked all over for years without having any insight into who you are and what you were capable of. One of my favorite bible verses is Proverbs 31:10 “For her worth is far above rubies.”  I read the entire book of Proverbs during the summer of 2018 and I wish I had read it sooner. I was going through a tough time in my personal life, and I realized after reading Proverbs that I am the prize! As a woman in general there is already so much to deal with, and it is easy to lose sight of your worth. I can openly admit I have lost myself so many times. To give love, be mentally okay, & live a purpose-driven life it is important to know your worth. Until you know who you are & all you have to offer you will not live your life fully and will remain vulnerable to being treated unworthily. So why is knowing your worth so important?

A worthy woman believes in herself and has high self-esteem. High self-esteem makes you comfortable with who you are as a person. Being comfortable with who you are means you are comfortable with everything about YOU! Learn to love all of you, especially your flaws. When self-esteem is lacking, it is a chance that others will not value the person you are either. It is easy to read the person that lacks true confidence because 9/10 they are uncomfortable, and it shows. I am my own biggest critic and there have been times when I spoke down on myself, and because I lacked self-esteem, I always felt so uncomfortable in my skin. There was a time that I would not wear certain clothes, hairstyles, or go to certain places because of low self-esteem. To be a woman of worth work on your self-esteem first. Once you have worked on your self-esteem everything else slowly falls into place.

As a woman always remember what YOU bring to the table! High self-esteem is amazing, but to value yourself is priceless. The value that you place on yourself starts with what you will or will not settle for. Have you ever sat back and thought about mistreatment or boundaries that you have allowed being crossed? To value yourself and show others that you know your worth there must be boundaries. Boundaries are created because of the love you have for yourself. Without those boundaries, it leaves the door open for another person to treat you less than you deserve. It is important to know that worth, and value is not determined by a man, money, or looks. It all starts with your inner beliefs of yourself!

My favorite affirmation that helps me remember my worth is “be unapologetically you, & know you are worthy & enough”!

For me being unapologetically you means knowing that you are enough and living with no regrets and not apologizing for how you are deciding to live your life or how you are deciding to set the boundaries for your life. Being unapologetically you means you know your worth, and you are living in your truth. It takes an evolved woman to LIVE an unapologetic life. It took me almost ten years before I was unapologetically myself. I know for a fact in my twenties I was not evolved or aware of my worth enough to live my life unapologetically. Once I learned my worth, and how much I had to offer it changed my entire view of myself. I look back today and laugh or even get embarrassed by some behaviors and mistreatment I allowed ten years ago that I would not tolerate today. I often reiterate how important self-worth and self-love are because without them you have no value as a woman or a person.

This blog was honestly inspired by me looking back at an old picture of myself from twenty-two years old and in the picture, I can remember like yesterday how unvalued I was. I remember how I was mistreated, and how I allowed boundaries to be crossed because I did not know that my worth was far above rubies. There have been times when became upset with me because I wasted over six years of my life being unvalued, unloved, & treated unworthily. Today I understand that without the lessons of my past I would have never learned my worth. So, if you are being treated unworthy, 🛑 stop reading this and go to your closet mirror right now and tell yourself “be unapologetically you, & know you are worthy & enough”! Say this affirmation to yourself every day at least three times out of the day. Whatever you believe about yourself is how you will treat yourself and allow others to treat you. I know that the self-love journey is not easy, but for the journey to start a step must be taken. Take that step to loving yourself & knowing your worth!

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