Father’s Matter ❤️

🙏🏾Growing up with or without a father molds who you will become as an adult. Before I go any further, I would like to say “fathers matter”! I never knew how much not having my dad present on a regular basis would affect me growing up into a woman! My dad passed April 28, 2018 and it stills feels like just yesterday to me. He was in and out as a child, but due to a tragic event in 2007 we became a constant part of each other’s lives from high school until the day he passed. My dad was the funniest man I ever met; this man will make you laugh so hard you would pee on yourself. He always was smiling, and I loved that about him. He came to live with me when I returned from Afghanistan and we became the father and daughter I always wanted…we were more like friends than anything else. My boys loved “papa mike” and that made me feel good to hear them call him papa! Life has a crazy way of working itself out though.

Miss you ❤️

My dad health declined again and it was left to me his oldest child to handle everything and still until this day I battle with if I made the right medical decisions on his behalf. The day before my father passing, I told him “dad you can let go, I will take care of my brother and I will be okay” I sung to him “My God is Awesome” he liked when I would sing and often teased me for replaying the same songs over and over in the car. That next day at 0500 I received the call, and knew he was finally at peace. I miss him, and I struggle because I often grieve that daddy-daughter relationship that I craved so bad as a child. I have forgiven him for his absence in my childhood and I love him knowing we ended on good terms! If you have a father or father figure hold them a little closer today! Rest In HEAVEN Pops! I miss you and love you forever! ❤️