Shine into 2021!

Wow! Just like that 2020 is coming to an end! For me it is bitter-sweet because although I grew a lot this year, I was not at my fullest potential in 2020. My goal for 2020 was to achieve goals, step out of my shell, and allow myself to just do it! I did resign from my day job so I can give my 100% to my business and if I am being 100% honest with myself, I did not give 100% effort in 2020!

So now what? Now that I know what I lacked in 2020, I have set aside specific goals that I would like to reach in 2021! Covid was hard on all of us, and although some of us thrived during the pandemic, there were others who went into a hole of depression & just completely removed themselves from reality to maintain during COVID-19. Even if you were the person who went into a depression and your 2020 goals were put on holdโ€ฆ what is next for you? You did not reach your 2020 goals, and that is okay! Now, let us discuss attaining & maintaining our goals for 2021!

While you are making plans for your 2021 success always remember there is a thin line between your dreams & your reality. Having dreams is so important and exhilarating because when you are envisioning what you want for the future it is sometimes like this fairy tale of instant success that you are imagining. The truth of the matter is dreams do not happen overnight, and you must stay in your current reality while you do the work to make your dreams a success. There are successful entrepreneurs and businesspeople that dreamed the same dream 5-10 years before their dreams ever manifested. To make your dreams a reality in 2021 you must have persistent success habits. The persistent success habits that you display everyday will determine if your capable of manifesting your dreams to a reality in 2021!

If your dream is to sell a product you must wake up everyday with the habit of perfecting that product and learning what your consumer wants. You must put in the work because there is no such thing as overnight success. Success is not always fun, fast, & easy. Real and long-lasting success requires work, determination, and motivation. Anytime you are working towards goals in life there will be days when you just feel like quitting. Your goals for 2021 may be eating healthy, losing weight, detaching from toxic people, starting a new business, loving yourself more, traveling, saving money, detoxing from addictions of 2020, or simply just living life to the fullest in 2021! Regardless of your goals for 2021, no goal will manifest or come into fruition without you putting in the work.

I want to be authentic with all my readers and call myself out. In 2020 I did become consistent in working out, removing toxic people, & stepping out on faith more. But my main goal was to 1. save money, 2. Focus on my inner peace, 3. Move on from past hurt and heal, 4. Start another line of income for my family. I can say that I did reach some of the goals, but what I lacked was habit. I lacked repetition, effort, and focus because I allowed the effect of Covid to distract me, and my moods were up and down. I felt completely and utterly overwhelmed in 2020, it was like a rebirth. I can for sure say I am not the same person I was at the beginning of 2020. Now that thereโ€™s 1 day left in this year, I have decided to plan my goals for 2021, and I want to share with you so that at the end of 2021 we can all come back and revisit our goals & see if we stayed focused, motivated, determined, and 100% all in! I will list my goals of 2021 below and I will also attach a blank format where you can list your goals and plans for 2021!

2021 is our chance for a clean slate, wipe the slate clean & put in the work! 2020 was a whirlwind and you have made it to the end. We survived a pandemic! Surviving a pandemic mentally, physically, and emotionally sane already shows how much of a survivor we all are. My hope and prayers for you is that you have an amazing rest of 2020 and start to set those 2021 goals! Do not let another year past by without you stepping out of your comfort zone & following your dreams and aspirations. Life is so short, and Covid definitely showed us that this year. If you just accomplish one goal in 2021 that is better than not accomplishing anything at all! Stay positive! We Got This! START on you goals NOW!

-Peace & Blessings

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