How to remove creative blocks!

Lately I have been doing some shadow work that I spoke about in โ€œAppreciate your Childhoodโ€ blog post. While working on myself and doing some self-evaluating, I have discovered that although I am a naturally motivated and determined individual; I often find myself feeling stuck or blocked off. I experience โ€œcreative blocksโ€ more than I should. I would get an idea, and I feel super confident about executing the ideas but then I sit in from of my laptop for hours with a blank page, and it bothers me.

In the last few months, I have been working on not letting that creative block get in the way! So usually, it is so hard for me to decide how I want to discuss a certain topic, but lately I have been decluttering my mind and learning to stay focused, so I do not get blocked when I want to work. What I have learned is that being creative is not easy. Not every person was born with that creative gene. For those of us with the creativity gene it is important to rest and declutter your subconscious mind.


I am a person that is always having thoughts run through my mind and believe it or not having too much on your mind can block your creative flow. One of the first things I do before writing, drawing, taking photos, or anything else is meditate. Meditation has helped me to calm down the thoughts in my head that can sometime overshadow my creative process. I usually meditate about 30-45 mins and right afterwards drink a cup hot peppermint tea just to maintain that calm feeling that I receive from meditation.


I also have a journal now, in my journal I write down all the ideas that I am thinking, I write down topics I would like to share, I write quotes that makes me smile, and I just jot down different ideas. The purpose of my journal is so I can always look back when I get those creative blocks. I used to have some of the best ideas but would instantly forget because my brain runs 1000 miles per minute. So, if you are dealing with a creative block please grab you a 98. Cent journal from Walmart and start keeping track of your ideas ASAP!


Creative blocks can sometimes be caused by a lack of inspiration. I discovered from learning more about myself that when I watch others on social medical who are into the same field as me I become inspired. Look for your inspiration, who do you know that inspires you to do be better? I often find inspiration in other moms that are like myself, mothers who are working on themselves, caring for their children, & not allowing motherhood to be an excuse for not being a success. It is okay to look at others as your muse or inspiration.


After you have meditated, wrote in your journal, & found inspiration, you must then rest! Why rest? I say rest because when you are trying to create it can be draining mentally, physically, & emotionally. I have a certain creative routine, and once I at least have all my ducks in a row I like to take a moment and just let everything marinate so I can prepare myself to create my best work! There are plenty of bloggers, photographers, digital creators, and writers who are against rest and prefer work, work, work, but that does not work for me. If I try to work, work, work through a break it causes me to feel burnout. Rest is essential is you are a creator!

I will post all my tips for preventing a creative block below! What is your ritual for preventing a creative block? Please let me know!

Another great resource for overcoming creative blocks is Creative Block: Get Unstuck, Discover New Ideas. Advice & Projects from 50 Successful Artist, By Danielle Krysa ย

Peace & Blessings!