One of the most uncomfortable topics among a couple is sex. I find that interesting because I have always been incredibly open about my wants and my needs. I am naturally a blunt person, and I found that being blunt about sex would sometimes make men uncomfortable. Women always get the shitty end of the stick when it involves relationships, sex, or simply doing whatever we want to do. If you are a woman that enjoy intimacy and have explored sex, then you may be considered a whore or promiscuous.

I do not like the word whore because what exactly is a whore and ย who gave anyone the right to call someone that. Thereโ€™s a podcast that I enjoy called Whoreible_Decisions, it is an uncut podcast of sex and all of its KINKS from two New York women. The podcast discusses some of the hottest, raciest, rawest sexual topics. In my opinion it is the perfect podcast for a woman that is uncomfortable with sex, do not know how to speak on sex, or simply sexually uneducated. Part of being a woman is knowing and loving your body. Part of loving your body is ensuring that you are being properly pleased in all areas. Do not allow society or men to make you feel insecure or shameful about sex. Sex is one of the most natural experiences in life, and funny enough it is how we all got here! Lol

I was a late bloomer when it came to men, I had some sexual trauma in my childhood and as a young adult, so I seemed to automatically attract to other women. I never really enjoyed sex with men, and I never โ€œgot offโ€ sexually with men. In my entire 31 years only 2 men have gotten me to that place. I always was more sexually pleased when I was with women & I am not ashamed to say that today, but I was 3 years ago. My husband and I are the most open couple and I have gone places with him sexually and experienced things with him sexually that no man could go with me simply because he took the time to know, learn, and enjoy all of his woman!

Men are so quick to ask for their penis to be sucked but will not take the time to warm their woman up or discover how to please their woman. Women are like cars, and we need to be warmed up. You can not just jump into sex with a woman without first giving her some foreplay. The issue with many of men is that they want to jump in, and that is why a lot of women are in 10-year relationships and have been faking orgasms the entire time. There are some women so miserable sexually that even if their men are millionaires, they are still out here cheating due to unpleasing sex.

I am all for women empowerment and I am speaking on this because this have been a topic discussed with a few people close to me lately. I always tell my friends that itโ€™s your yoni and you can share it with whom you want, how you, when you wantโ€ฆbut just make sure you are being pleasured and not just always giving pleasure. The goal for all women should be to experience an amazing sexual experience, instead of faking one. When I started my journey of learning and knowing what I needed to be pleased it started with experimenting, and simply discovering myself as a woman inside in out and realizing there was nothing to be ashamed about.

If you are a woman that struggles with orgasms, being pleasured, or feeling uncomfortable about enjoying sex I suggest you to check out the Whoreible_Decisions podcast and to also read The Pleasure Gap: American Women & the Unfinished Sexual Revolution written by Katherine Rowland. Both resources are great for women discovering themselves. Whatever you decide, please rememberโ€ฆall girls have a sexual side, but it is up to you and your partner to release the beast. Do not be afraid of experiences, and do not be afraid to voice what you want. You are in control of your body and what it desires. I hope this help you reach places you have never reached before. Please comment below with any feedback!