Who is Toni?

Who is Toni?

Toni is a Mother, wife, Army veteran, & lover of Arts! I was born and raised in Athens, GA. I Grew up right downtown from the University of GA football stadium. I was raised by a single mother in one of the worst low-income projects in the Athens area. I remember growing up I had an huge imagination because I always wanted to escape my reality. I would pretend I was somewhere else, doing something besides what I was doing. We did not have much growing up, but my mother made the best out of what we had. I always told myself I would get out of that place one day. Every time I made a wish on my birthday or wished upon a star the wish was always to leave the projects & be on my own. I was a victim of sexual abuse as a child, abuse that occurred in and outside of my home and it affected me tremendously.

I remember growing up I had an huge imagination because I wanted to escape my reality


I started writing and drawing in elementary school & middle school to cope with internal pain that I was dealing with. I would write poetry about my everyday life, and I would draw people who I wished I were. I graduated high school, and I went straight into the Army. I served in the Army for 7 years, and was medically retired after a deployment to Bagram, Afghanistan that added on to the pile of trauma I was already dealing with. I have been told I am depressed, I have PTSD, anxiety, OCD, and many other diagnoses. But I have not allowed any of them to hold me back. I lost my grandma and father within 4 years of each other. I am a domestic violence survivor, and I am a mental health advocate. I am so many things. I have so much to give, and so many life experiences to share in hopes that I can help someone else heal. I am an open book if you have questions please ask. Do not be afraid to engage with me. I suggest you subscribe & learn something new that could help you heal or better yourself. Writing and photography has helped with my healing so much in the last year. Majoriearts.com & The Pearl Blog are my healing places & I am so glad to share them with you!