The unseen “Battle”.

In war there are no unwounded soldiers… Whether it is an actual war like the one I deployed to in 2014, or if it is an internal war with oneself. War can be many different things. I define war as “A battle that is not always seen by those around you”. My initial battle started way before 2014, I was a child of my first sexual abuse at the early age of 11. As a young girl I attempted to escape the horror of the battles I was fighting by falling in love with the arts. I wrote poetry, I wrote short stories, I drew animated pictures, and as I grew older I feel in love with the stillness of photos. Photography was a hobby that turned into a passion. I like to capture still images, and every image I capture has a story. This picture here was taken a week before my entire life changed. At this very still moment I was on a military truck with a locked & loaded M16 in Bagram, Afghanistan thinking this exact thought “I can not believe I am here” Bagram in the Summer months is hostile, and very scary so I escaped when I was able to capture moments like this. This was just another day on a 12 hour shift, and I was just thinking of my kids and what I would be doing when I went back to the states. The deployment ended sooner than I expected due to an “unseen battle” that I was fighting and almost lost. God had better plans for me, and this picture reminds me of just that. This is a still moment of a wounded soldier fighting a battle that no one else could see. This photo is my replica of a Daguerreotypes photo. I enjoy old, black & white images. Some of the best photography is the ones without color. I wanted to share this photo as a reminder that battles can be won…if you continue to fight!

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