If only I could fly….

I love birds, I have always considered myself a birdwatcher…but since my father’s passing in 2018 I have attracted all red birds. I captured this red bird in my yard, and as I got close he flew away. I can definitely understand the urge to fly away. I have experienced more than enough trauma and life experiences that made me want to fly away. One of my goals right now is to stop flying away from issues and face them head on. If you are someone that has had a hard time, look out and find serenity in the simple things. As silly as it may seem red birds give me peace. If you have any struggles internally I suggest you just sit outside and watch and listen. I enjoy the rain, sound of trees, and most importantly I enjoy the red birds!!! Julie Zickefoose once said “The presence of a single bird can change everything for one who appreciates them”!