I am a WOMAN, one of the most unappreciated on this planet. The WOMAN should be the most appreciated asset on this planet. Being a WOMAN has been one of my best attributes. I have found strength, courage, and growth in my WOMANHOOD.The hardest part about Womanhood for me is repeatedly being mistreated, misguided, misjudged, and misunderstood. Because you are a woman, you are supposed to be strong…and you are expected to accept mistreatment and forgive. As a woman you are expected to accept the judgement placed on you, or explain why this or that??? As a woman you have to set the standards.

I have decided I am done setting the standards for society, and will only be setting the standards for me. I do not want this post to seem like an anti-man post, because “You do not have to be anti-man to be PRO-WOMAN” _Jane Galvin Lewis. I uplift men, and I know there is a great appreciation for a “good man”! I just want to set the record straight that as a woman.. Yes I am forgiving, but I am tired of forgiving for the same behavior with no change in others who are mistreating me, Yes I am loving, but I am tired of giving unconditional love to those who are not worthy. Yes, I am a lady, but I have the RIGHT to be a BITCH when I am constantly mistreated, misguided, misjudged, and misunderstood.

I have a birthday coming up, and I have decided this will be my unapologetic year. I will UNapologetically be free and will no longer care if my actions are misunderstood. I will go and do as I please and not care about the comments or thoughts of my peers. I have to live for me. Being UNapologetically free includes showing off all my curves and stretch marks, whenever I feel like it. It means looking at and admiring another beautiful woman without being labeled. It means going away alone and enjoying myself. It means getting a sitter, and just disappearing for a day or 2 with no phone calls coming in or going out. It means expressing how I am feeling, and not taking people bullshit anymore, and it also means walking away from all relationships that no longer serves me.

While being a unapologetic woman I will not apologize anymore for who I am. I am a WOMAN that loves other beautiful women, I am a Woman that loves attractive men, I am a woman that is PRO-Green, I am a woman that loves all of ME, I am a sexual being, and will not be SLUT shamed because I get just as horny as a man. I am a WOMAN that is comfortable in ME. I KNOW that I am different and I am nothing like those around me. I enjoy quiet alone time, I do not like long phone conversations, I like being in my natural state with no makeup, no weave, or additives.

I am simply and undeniably a WOMAN!

I want to encourage all WOMEN to be you! Do not allow judgement, or anything to stop you from going with your hearts desires. Some people will not like me much anymore because unlike this picture I took in my living room… I am about to come up out of the SHADOWS, and I am about to be THE UNAPOLOGETIC WOMAN I always wanted to be.

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