Aligning with my Purpose❤


My biggest battle with myself right now is worrying and wondering am I aligning myself into the destiny. I believe that we are all born to fulfill a purpose and I do not feel like I am living in my purpose. Do I want success? Yes, I do! But more importantly I would like to align myself into my purpose. I am not sure how I can figure out what it is I should be doing. I do know that arts, music, writing, & learning new things bring me happiness and joy! Majorie arts was apart of me creating something that made me happy & filled me with joy. I enjoy being creative. Creativity helps keeps my mind from pondering on negative thoughts. I know that I want my career to intel creating content/art that brings others the same joy I receive from creating it.

Today I choose to dive in creatively with any and everything I want to do. I will no longer second guess myself or put myself down! Today I have decided to be my biggest supporter & do what makes me happy! I know that everything in life will soon align for me. I know I have a purpose, and I know that nothing great happens overnight. Anything worth having or enjoying, takes time to build. I would like to build a life of happiness and I learned today that art is my happy place. I will be creating a lot, and I will be sharing a lot. This is my calling; I feel it in my spirit that God placed me here to help others heal through my arts & blog. Please feel free to join Majorie Art’s Store on the Wix app to browse and by products from online store & to engage in healing conversations & support by using invite code MPP2UK through Wix! I would love to share ups & downs, support, & healing with you!

Remember, God will align you with your purpose! Just stay on your path & follow you instincts!

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