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I am Toni, I am a writer, photographer, poet, & creator of arts! I have enjoyed arts since I was a adolescent. My passion started with drawing and poetry. As I became older, I fell in love with writing & photography. I started writing in a journal about my everyday life. I was going through a rough marriage, & I was dealing with domestic violence, & I really questioned who I had become. Writing was my only escape from my reality. My father unexpectedly passed in 2018 & I began to take photos & I learned quickly how talented I was. I have turned my photography into canvassed art, my pain into a blog, & I feel better mentally, physically, & emotionally than I ever have in life. My goal is to help others go from hurting to healing.  We all fall, but that does not mean we have to stay down. Never let your life temporary circumstances hold you back. Learn, grow, & experience everyday as if it was your last. Thanks for visiting!



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Hi, I’m Toni. I am a Mother, Wife, & Retired combat-veteran.When I’m not spending time with my wonderful kids and husband, I love writing about my life experiences, relationships, parenting, mental health awareness, and living a healthy and organized life! I can be contacted at any of the links below! 🌻

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